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GGP LTD has set itself the clear goal with the self-developed production lines and the manufactured products to contribute significantly to fuel savings, emission reduction and reduction of deforestation.

GGP LTD has developed and patented a unique range of cardboard pallets in its first project.

The  cardboard pallet production line newly developed by GGP LTD is to realize the mass production of this cardboard pallet.

Our company developes it"s products and technologies constantly, to provide it's partners a marketing advantage.

Carry On Green!


GGP cardboard pallet

The GGP Cardboard Pallet is the main is one of the leading products of GreenGlobePack, made of recycled corrugated cardboard. (Sizes of the EPAL europallet, but only 5,6 kg). With the next version (in development) of our machine line the owner will be produce the EPAL 6 size with the same machine. The GGP Pallet can replace the common wooden EPAL europallet in several areas. The GGP Pallet has a unique folding method, developed and patented by GGP, that gives an outstanding stability for a cardboard pallet. Advantages of the GreenGlobePack cardboard pallet:


Environmentally friendly technology recycled cardboard can be reused countless times as raw material for further pallet production 


static and dynamic load carrying capacity of the ggp cardboard pallet is 1,2 t


unlike wood pallets the ggp cardboard pallet carries exworks no phisical/biological/virological/chemical hazards no treatments for fulfilling IPPC/ISPM 15 needed


GGP cardboard pallets are easy to access from all 4 sides, and suitable for use with fork lifts, open-rack and roll-on-conveyors.


your company sends out your precious cargo on new, clean ggp cardboard pallets. The ggp cardboard pallets will tell you, if your products hasn't been treated well. For example if the needed refrigeration or relative humidity was not provided all the way to your partner, if the products have been dropped accidentally or held in a dirty place. All those kind of conditions are easier to detect than with wooden pallets

Light weight

at a maximum weight of 5,6 kg whereby labor and means of transport are burdened much less with 1 full loaded truck this means up to 750 kg more goods


suitable as single or multi way packaging the costs of transport are significantly reduced needs no pretreatment


interface can carry logo and desired information of the respective user and radiates environmental awareness of the user


the pallet surface is level, clear and free of wood chips, the packaging can not be damaged by nailing, damage to goods resulting from deterioration of the pallets can be ruled out. If placed or moved within shop area, the shop floor surface won't be damaged by pallet feet.

GGP cardboard pallet production line

Major aspects of using your own ggp cardboard pallet production line

Saving the price

Saving The price difference between self-produced cardboard pallets and purchased wooden pallets can be 20 to 50% depending on the quality. The operator may choose from a wide selection of cardboards that can be used for production, and thus ideal raw materials for self-produced pallets can be easily found.

Quality pallets

Quality pallets meeting individual needs After pre-manufactured wooden pallets of variable quality, it is possible to manufacture individual pallets adjusted to the products manufactured by the factory. The permanent and reliable quality of cardboard pallets guarantees the transport of products free of any damage.

Sample image
Production schedule

Production schedule corresponding to the demand The possibility of producing the quantity of pallets needed at a given time is one of the greatest benefits of self-owned production lines. No more pallet shipments arrive belatedly. No delay results from damaged pallets

Environmental protection

Users of cardboard pallets significantly contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. The environmentally aware use of materials carries a positive advertisement itself, and this grants privileges to the manufacturer on the sensitive and continuously increasing target market.


local_airport Airfreight

GGP Cardboard pallet is only 5,6 kg
Wooden pallet is 22 kg
That gives your company measurable savings on airfreight (depends on carrier)

attach_money Environmental fee

GGP Cardboard pallet is only 5,6 kg
Wooden pallet is 22 kg
That gives your company approx 1,15 EUR per pallet

trending_up Extra product weight/shipment

GGP Cardboard pallet is only 5,6 kg
Wooden pallet is 22 kg
At a full-loaded truck that means 33x16,4 kg = 541 kg extra product weight (heavy products)
At a calculation with double amount of pallets this advantage could be over 1.000 kg

Real alternative to wooden EPAL pallets?

By now this is not a question, more of a decision.

We worked hard to develope the GGP Cardboard Pallets, to give You the answer.

A revolutionary, completely unique folding method, that gives the pallet an outstanding sturdiness and static/dynamic load capacity.
The possibility to get rid of the biological/virological/physical hazards often come with wooden pallets.
A production line to bring the GGP Cardboard Pallets near to you as an end user or distributor.

If you made the decision to turn your company more 'green', then simply fill out our inquiry form and let us help you. As our motto says: 'Carry on Green!'

GGP Cardboard Pallets and GGP Pallet Production line are highly recommended for industrial uses such as:

Pharma & Medical
Consumer goods

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