Paper pallet

Our mission is to reduce the use of out of date wooden pallets having harmful effects on the environment by the wide application of economical and environment-friendly GGP pallets.

Technical parameters of the GGP paper pallet (patent nos. U1500147; PCT/HU2016/000057):

Basic material: recycled cardboard, degrading glue
Length: 1200 mm, width: 800 mm, height: 140 mm, approachable by truck from 4 sides
Weight: 4.8 to 5.8 kg individually set.
Static bearing capacity max: 2200 kg, dynamic bearing capacity max: 1200 kg
Shock control qualification: (MSZ ISO 8318), throw control qualification: (ISO 22248)

Paper pallet production line

“GGP1100 – the environmentally friendly paper pallet system to be purchased cost-effectively”

Our aim is not just to sell paper pallets, but we are also planning to sell the PPPL technology so industries can manufacture their own GGP paper pallet. Our company has designed and manufactured the GGP 1100 paper pallet production line which is capable of producing 1100 pallets on an 8 hour workshift.

Advantages of a custom-made pallet production line

The main novelty of the PPPL production line is that the production line can be purchased by industrial players and manufacture their own pallets which will save them huge amounts in the long term
. GGP 1100 - costs and savings
  Average price € Cost € 200.000 pcs/year (average production) Cost € 500.000 pcs / year (key costumer) Cost € 1.000.000 pcs /year (pallet distributor)
Wooden pallet 8 1 600 00 4 000 000 6 500 000
GGP pallet 4,2 840 000 2 100 000 4 200 000
Savings   760 000 1 900 000 2 300 000
PPPL return time - months   5 2 1,5
Several million factories are currently operating all over the world, the vast majority of which uses pallets for transporting the products manufactured, and pallets are purchased almost in each case from manufacturers or traders. Nowadays, factories devote considerable energy sources to optimizing cost, quality and time, and thus economical production without outsourcing is preferred.

Major aspects for using an own production line:

Quality pallets meeting individual needs After pre-manufactured wooden pallets of variable quality, it is possible to manufacture individual pallets adjusted to the products manufactured by the factory. The permanent and reliable quality of paper pallets guarantees the transport of products free of any damage.

Saving The price difference between self-produced paper pallets and purchased wooden pallets can be 20 to 50% depending on the quality. The operator may choose from a wide selection of cardboards that can be used for production, and thus ideal raw materials for self-produced pallets can be easily found, which results in significant saving. In proportion to the quantity produced, in optimum cases the pay-out period of the production line can be even 3 or 4 months.

Production schedule corresponding to the demand The possibility of producing the quantity of pallets needed at a given time is one of the greatest benefits of self-owned production lines. No more pallet shipments arrive belatedly. No delay results from damaged pallets.

Environmental protection Users of paper pallets significantly contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. The environmentally aware use of materials carries a positive advertisement itself, and this grants privileges to the manufacturer on the sensitive and continuously increasing target market.