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GreenGlobePack Ltd. was established in June 2015 to carry the conception of a paper pallet factory into execution, tends to be a new participant on the logistics and packaging technologies market. In the second half of 2013, before establishment we started working out the conception and product planning, product development. The company’s activities are now to create the modern and highly-efficient paper pallet production line’s plans and to create the best paper pallet to be achieved as a finished product. In the preparation phase we arranged professional consultation with numerous pallet producers, paper pallet producers, pallet users (production and distribution companies).

The aim of those consultations were the identifying of possibilities, collecting market information, establishing many trading contacts and the implementing experiences into product development. We researched the paper pallet licences available on the market, but taking economical and/or technical issues into consideration the company’s owners decided to develop the company’s own paper pallet concept. According to that the company committed itself to primarily define the exact technical parameters of a paper pallet achieving an astonishingly-professional quality level and to design the capable production line needed for effective mass production. Parallel to that the company analysed the collected market information and experiences and adopted them into creating the business concept and the business plan.



Paper pallet

Our mission is to reduce the use of out of date wooden pallets having harmful effects on the environment by the wide application of economical and environment-friendly GGP pallets.

Paper pallet production line

GGP1100 – the environmentally friendly paper pallet system to be purchased cost-effectively